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Welcome! Our group is interested in the development and applications of novel optical tools to study essential problems in chemistry, biology and materials science.

Open Positions

Postdocs: One available position. Please send your CV to Dr. Han.

Three PhD positions Fall 2021. Closed.


[09/24/21] Single-shot nondiffracting light-sheet imaging has been published. Well done, Vahid!

[09/15/21] Bye Jinhan. All the best!

[09/03/21] Kyu Young gave a tenure talk. Hope everything goes well!

[08/23/21] Our lab is awarded the NIH administrative supplement for equipment.

[08/19/21] Welcome new students - Ameer, Le-mei & Abdullah!

[08/12/21] Jinhan's 2.5D microscopy (Part II) has been published in Optics Express!

[06/23/21] Jinhan completes her PhD defense. Congrats Dr. Ren!

[06/22/21] Congratulations Ben. You are a doctor now!

[05/17/21] Crystal takes her intership at Samsung during summer.

[05/04/21] Farewell party for Chenyi. Don't forget us!

[04/02/21] Chenyi has successfully defensed her dissertation. Congratulation Dr. Zhang!

[03/29/21] The first talk at FOM. It was an excellent conference.

[02/26/21] Kyu Young gave a talk at the 4DN Scientific Webinar.

[02/25/21] Jinhan's 2.5D microscopy has been published in ACS Photonics!

[12/23/20] Crystal's work about multiline confocal microscopy has been published!

[12/04/20] Kyu Young attended the 4DN Phase2 kickoff meeting. There are so many exciting projects!

[11/24/20] Ben's single-shot TIRF microscopy has been published. Congrats!

[11/04/20] News from Photonics.com

[10/28/20] UCF News regarding our NIH 4DN award.

[10/12/20] We had a 4DN subgroup kickoff meeting.

[10/01/20] UCF Today highlights Kyu Young's NIH MIRA award.

[09/15/20] Our lab is awarded the NIH U01 4D Nucleome with the Belmont lab at UIUC and the Shav-tal lab at Bar-Ilan University ($4.2M).

[09/11/20] Kyu Young is awarded an NIH MIRA for Early Stage Investigators ($1.7M)!

[08/24/20] A challenging semester begins.

[07/23/20] We've started collaborating with FaceBook for Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging.

[05/30/20] Single-shot non-diffracting light-sheet paper is published.

[05/26/20] Finally our lab reopens. Let's moving forward.

[05/21/20] Farewell party for Jialei. We will miss Dr. Tang!

[03/30/20] Jialei defended successfully.

[03/23/20] Due to coronavirus pandemic, we will stay at home. Keep safe!

[02/02/20] Crystal, Jialei, Jinhan and Vahid presented their works at SPIE PW.

[01/15/20] Jialei is selected as the finalist of CREOL Student of the Year.

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