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Welcome! Our group is interested in the development and applications of novel optical tools to study essential problems in chemistry, biology and materials science.

Open Positions

One postdoc position available. Please send your CV to Dr. Han.

One PhD position available for Fall 2022.

No positions are available for undergraduates at this time.


[05/23/22] Welcome summer internship students Katie & Xuan.

[05/15/22] Group reunion at CLEO 2022. Very glad to see our alumni.

[05/14/22] Kyu Young gave a short course lecture (4 hours!) at CLEO 2022.

[04/06/22] Xuan received the UCF Founders' Award. Congrats!

[03/07/22] A visitor from Prof. Ullal's lab at RPI for collaboration of subdiffraction 3D photolithography. An exciting project to work!

[02/11/22] We're sorry to say goodbye to Ben. All the best for your future!

[02/08/22] We've got InSight X3+!

[01/25/22] A nice photo taken in Photonics West 2022.

[12/08/21] Attended the annual 4DN meeting.

[09/24/21] Single-shot nondiffracting light-sheet imaging has been published. Well done, Vahid!

[09/15/21] Bye Jinhan. All the best!

[09/03/21] Kyu Young gave a tenure talk. Hope everything goes well!

[08/23/21] Our lab is awarded the NIH administrative supplement for equipment.

[08/19/21] Welcome new students - Ameer, Le-mei & Abdullah!

[08/12/21] Jinhan's 2.5D microscopy (Part II) has been published in Optics Express!

[06/23/21] Jinhan completes her PhD defense. Congrats Dr. Ren!

[06/22/21] Congratulations Ben. You are a doctor now!

[05/17/21] Crystal takes her intership at Samsung during summer.

[05/04/21] Farewell party for Chenyi. Don't forget us!

[04/02/21] Chenyi has successfully defensed her dissertation. Congratulation Dr. Zhang!

[03/29/21] The first talk at FOM. It was an excellent conference.

[02/26/21] Kyu Young gave a talk at the 4DN Scientific Webinar.

[02/25/21] Jinhan's 2.5D microscopy has been published in ACS Photonics!

[12/23/20] Crystal's work about multiline confocal microscopy has been published!

[12/04/20] Kyu Young attended the 4DN Phase2 kickoff meeting. There are so many exciting projects!

[11/24/20] Ben's single-shot TIRF microscopy has been published. Congrats!

[11/04/20] News from Photonics.com

[10/28/20] UCF News regarding our NIH 4DN award.

[10/12/20] We had a 4DN subgroup kickoff meeting.

[10/01/20] UCF Today highlights Kyu Young's NIH MIRA award.

[09/15/20] Our lab is awarded the NIH U01 4D Nucleome with the Belmont lab at UIUC and the Shav-tal lab at Bar-Ilan University ($4.2M).

[09/11/20] Kyu Young is awarded an NIH MIRA for Early Stage Investigators ($1.7M)!

[08/24/20] A challenging semester begins.

[07/23/20] We've started collaborating with FaceBook for Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging.

[05/30/20] Single-shot non-diffracting light-sheet paper is published.

[05/26/20] Finally our lab reopens. Let's moving forward.

[05/21/20] Farewell party for Jialei. We will miss Dr. Tang!

[03/30/20] Jialei defended successfully.

[03/23/20] Due to coronavirus pandemic, we will stay at home. Keep safe!

[02/02/20] Crystal, Jialei, Jinhan and Vahid presented their works at SPIE PW.

[01/15/20] Jialei is selected as the finalist of CREOL Student of the Year.

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NIGMS (MIRA & R21) NIH Common Fund Biophotonics DARPA

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