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Welcome! Our group is interested in the development and applications of novel optical tools to study essential problems in chemistry, biology and neuroscience.


[11/20/2018] Jinhan Ren joins our lab. Welcome!

[11/08/2018] Vahid Ebrahimi joins our lab. Welcome!

[10/31/2018] Ben presented at the Graduate Fellows Symposium.

[8/27/2018] Jialei's HIST paper is published on Optica. Congrats!

[7/16/2018] Bo Cao joined our lab as an intership undergraduate. Welcome!

[7/11/2018] The Han lab awarded a grant from the NSF!

[7/5/2018] Flat-field illumination paper is selected as one of the most downloaded articles in June from Optics Express.

[7/2/2018] Our first News & Views out in Nature Photonics.

[6/15/2018] Live-cell imaging and STED microscopy reveal nuclear speckle dynamics. See our BioRxiv paper!

[6/1/2018] Ian & Ben's work on the flat-field illumination is published in Optics Express!

[5/25/2018] Ben has been selected as a recipient of UCF Multidisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship. Total award would be $120k. Congrats!!

[5/1/2018] Jialei's HIST microscopy is posted on bioRxiv!

[4/7/2018] Our flat-field illumination imaging is posted on bioRxiv. Go flat!

[03/2018] Chun Hung joined our lab. Wecome!

[02/2018] Accurate single-molecule binding assay with centroid localization algorithm.

[02/2018] Ben presented at a platform session in the BPS meeting.

[12/2017] Jialei received the Doctoral Research Support Award ($3,000). Congrats!

[11/2017] Our second paper! SiMPull on human brain tissues from Parkinson's disease.

[11/2017] Thanksgiving group dinner at Gyu-Kaku, Orlando. Excellent Japanese BBQ.

[10/2017] Attended DARPA kickoff meeting at DC.

[09/2017] The first paper from our group.Congrats, Jialei!

[06/2017] Jialei has passed PhD candidacy exam. Congrats!

[06/2017] Ben has passed qualification exam. Well done!

[06/2017] DARPA grant (RadioBio) will support Dogariu & Han for 4 years. Hooray!

[04/2017] Kyu Young has been selected as Adviosry Panel in J.Phys.D: Applied Physics.

[03/2017] Finally our lab is ready!

[01/2017] Jialie presented his work at SPIE Photonic West.

[12/2016] Spinach enables highlighting small RNAs in living cells. Published in NAR.

[11/2016] Ian Khaw joined our lab. Wecome!

[8/2016] Benjamin Croop joined our lab. Welcome aboard!

[7/2016] Jialei attended CPLC summer school at University of Illinois.

[6/2016] Jialei passed qualification exam. Congrats!

[3/2016] A single-vesicle assay paper is published in JACS.

[2/2016] Jialei joins the lab. Welcome, Jialei!

[1/2016] Kyu Young started to work in CREOL.

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