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Welcome! We are interested in the development and applications of novel optical tools to study essential problems in chemistry, biology and neuroscience. We apply diverse knowledge and skills in optics, photonics, physical chemistry, materials sceince and biology. Our current research is focused on fluorescence nanoscopy (super-resolution microscopy), label-free single-molecule imaging and fluorescent probes.


[04/2017] Kyu Young has been selected as Adviosry Panel in J.Phys.D: Applied Physics.

[01/2017] Jialie presented his work at SPIE Photonic West.

[12/2016] Spinach enables highlighting small RNAs in living cells. Published in NAR.

[11/2016] Ian Khaw joined our lab. Wecome!

[10/2016] Vasudha Aggarwal from John Hopkins School of Medicine visited our lab.

[8/2016] Invited talk at SPIE Optics + Photonics at San Diego.

[8/2016] Benjamin Croop joined our lab. Welcome aboard!

[7/2016] Jialei attended CPLC summer school at University of Illinois.

[6/2016] Talk at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering

[6/2016] Jialei passed qualification exam. Congrats!

[5/2016] Kyu Young gave a talk at Yale, Dept of Applied Physics.

[5/2016] Neurogroup retreat at Daytona Beach!

[4/2016] Talk at Burnett Biomedical Science, College of Medicine in UCF.

[3/2016] A single-vesicle assay paper is published in JACS.

[2/2016] Jialei Tang joins the lab. Welcome, Jialei!

[1/2016] Kyu Young started to work in CREOL.

[12/2015] A new RESOLFT nanoscopy paper is published in Scientific Reports.

[11/2015] My previous study about RNA imaging probes in living cells (called tandem Spinach) is published in Scientific Reports.

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